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Kay Christy

About the Author

authorKay Christy lives and works in the Pacific Northwest in a beautiful community nestled at the base of Puget Sound. She has crafted her heart’s-desire life, which includes time for loving, writing, working, and being a devoted and engaged grandparent.

A graduate of The Evergreen State College, she holds an MA degree in behavioral science from the Leadership Institute of Seattle (LIOS). In addition to her formal education, she has been a student and practitioner of metaphysics and the intuitive arts for the past thirty-five years.

In 2012, she created the Spirit Led Life Company ( to house her signature products and services, with the intention of supporting people in designing a joy-filled and peaceful life. Many of the products being created by Spirit Led Life Company are inspired by the prayers and affirmations in this book.

The services Kay offers in private practice are:

  • Spiritual Guidance Services – She works with individuals as a personal effectiveness coach, which includes writing personalized prayers and affirmations to enhance her clients’ spiritual development. The synchronicity that occurs by combining the behavioral science techniques of life coaching with the intuitive arts never ceases to surprise and delight both Kay and her clients.
  • Personalized Prayers & Affirmations – Using her unique ability to create affirmations and prayers through automatic writing, she can prepare commissioned prayers specifically crafted for you or your loved ones. The messages are filled with love and spiritual guidance and are intended to provide support, comfort, and peace. The customized messages create a surprisingly personal and special gift.
  • Inspirational Speaker & Teacher – As an inspirational speaker and workshop leader, she offers experiential programs focused on crafting affirmative language and positive thought statements.  Presentations vary from a twenty-minute keynote address to a two-hour workshop.
  • Consultant & Coach – She occasionally performs organization development consulting in the form of leadership development training and executive coaching, particularly where leaders and managers are interested in incorporating spiritual principles into their daily work routines.


What People Are Saying!

Personal Readings with Guidance

I have had many readings with Kay where she channels the messages of her Guidance.   Her brilliance is in combining the messages of Guidance with her 35 years of spiritual practice and behavioral science training. I find that one reading is never enough, and I like to check in every month or two to be assured by Guidance that everything is perfect, I am not alone and am deeply loved.

When I am with Kay, she will sometimes ask me to stop talking for minute so she can hear Guidance, then she will tell me what they said. What she says is always deeply personal and can move me to tears easily, because Guidance only speaks the deepest truths. I may begin a reading thinking I want to talk about a relationship, but then leave with some extraordinary understanding about my family or culture of origin, that helps me move forward spiritually. Again – just ask. Guidance is never impatient, critical, judgmental, or representing anything but pure love. I have learned our Guides want the best possible outcome for us always – that’s it.

– Private Client – 2014

Personal Effectiveness Coaching

“When I first met Kay I was struggling as a new leader.  I had just accepted a huge promotion and was doubting everything – had I made the right decision?  Was I really ready for this job?  Did I even want this job?  A friend recommended Kay and said that Kay was one of the best leadership coaches he had ever worked with. I met with Kay and immediately felt a connection with her. We started meeting weekly and through those coaching sessions, I built the confidence I needed to be successful.  Kay pushed me when I needed to be pushed and modeled how to share really difficult feedback in a compassionate way.  It’s been years (and several promotions!) since I first met Kay.  I have reached out to her dozens of times for her leadership advice and wise counsel.  I’m a better leader (and a better person) for having met Kay.”

– Amy L.

Speaking & Training 

“When a colleague of mine recommended Kay as someone who could help my organization with team building, I was skeptical.  I’ve sat through dozens of meetings aimed at team building with little or no results.  My experience with Kay could not have been more different!  She designed a two day meeting for my leadership team that folks are still talking about, months later.  Thanks to Kay, my team had honest (and difficult) conversations.  We worked together to develop agreements on how we would hold each accountable and how we would help each other succeed.  In only two days, Kay helped our team achieve what we had been unable to do on our own.”

– Steve R.

Authentic Beauty

Page 94

Inside I am lovely,
delicious and free.

I am sustained by the lines on my face
and the wrinkles on my hands.
They are born of surviving grief,
the healing of shame, and
the beauty of forgiveness
in all possible forms.

Directing me through seasons
and moons,
and generations of ancient voices
and drumming that beats my heart
and lifts my spirit.

Call my name in the wind,
in the deep water,
and the embers of fire and earth.

I am sustained by knowing
my true self,
as whole,
and perfect,
and lovely.