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Kay Christy

Gifts from Guidance

Gifts from Guidance is an anthology of prayers and affirmations written over a ten year period. It was written using an intuitive writing process that invokes communication with the author’s spirit guides and guardian angels.

Each prayer unfolds a devotional vision of a life guided by love, compassion, and wisdom. This anthology’s ability to articulate the longing of the soul to live an inspired and happy life is profound.

The prayers are gifts from a unique inner-guidance system, and are offered with the wish that they will bring comfort, encouragement, and inspiration toward the world of possibilities life has to offer. They are meant to be healing, and can be life preservers of peace and hope at times of distress, uncertainty, and fear.

Here is a simple tool for synching our hearts and minds with a higher level of consciousness. These amazing prayers are universal in their message of love that bridges religion and spirituality with our common human need for peace and ease.

This book is deceptively simple. Yet it is a book of transformation. Powerful, profound, and beautifully crafted; each prayer offers guidance to a state of grace.

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What People Are Saying!

“Kay, Your book is my favorite from the I Can Do It-Pasadena conference and it is the same for my daughters.  Together we bought over 40 books and all three of the girls bought yours after I said that it is the one book we need to keep with us, or at least have it by our bed to start and end our day with you.  Thanks for the book that I needed most at this time in my life. May your prayers always be with me. So it is said, so it is done.”

VJ – Canada

“It has been an enjoyable experience to work on the edits of Gifts from Guidance. Clearly, you have spent a lifetime developing your gift and are offering it to others in hopes of helping them with the trials of life we all experience.”

Balboa Press Editor – Indiana


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A Peaceful Day

Page 92

Today is a peaceful day.

I carry peace in the melodies of my mind,
the gait of my walk,
and the sounds of my voice.

I arise each morning to greet the day with ease.
As I express gratitude,
and enthusiasm
I begin my daily rituals.

I awaken my body with a stretch and a smile
as I prepare fuel for the day,
cleansing with water the worries and fear dreams of the darkness.

I awaken my emotions with a prayer and a request
for ease,
and love,
and simple happiness in each moment.

I awaken my spirit with expressions of gratitude for all I receive
and forgiveness for my human failings.
Asking for creativity,
and hope,
and confidence to guide my soul’s work.

And last, I awaken my thoughts.
Inviting them to hover in affirmation of my future
as filled with wealth,
and kindness,
and grace.

Today is a peaceful day.
A blissful day.
A perfect day.

And so it is.