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Kay Christy

The Encouragement Project is a book donation program created to distribute copies of Gifts from Guidance: A Book of Prayers and Affirmations Offering Comfort, Encouragement, and Possibility as We Create Our Daily Lives to women who are incarcerated, in addictions treatment facilities and safe housing programs.


It is created from my strong desire to offer help to women who may otherwise not be familiar with affirmations and affirmative prayer. As a woman who chose to stop using drugs and drinking before severe consequences began, I know that I was one decision away from incarceration, hospitals, injury or death. “But for the Grace of God…..” I am these women and they are often just one decision away from being on a path similar to mine.

The Encouragement Project is gathering donations to cover all the expenses of donating these books to ensure there is no cost to the women or to the programs receiving the books. Of course, all donations are appreciated, and if a center or publically-funded program can offer payment, that expands the number of books that can be donated.

Due to mine and my sister’s affinity for certain landscapes, the program will begin with donations in Washington, Oregon, Iowa and Florida. However, no request will be refused as long as it meets the donation criteria and the necessary fundraising is successful.


  • Publically-funded correctional facilities and jails;
  • Public and non-profit in-patient treatment facilities for addiction and co-occurring mental health illnesses;
  • Publically-funded and non-profit safe housing programs for women
    • experiencing domestic violence,
    • transitioning from prison or treatment,
    • seeking freedom from drug-affected environments.

Donations can be mailed to:

The Encouragement Project

PO Box 6523

Olympia, WA 98507


In Service of Love Always,